If your parents are overweight, how do they act if you try to lose weight?

I guess they want me to be a pudgy FREAK!!!

my mom says great job you can do it f you keep it up and i am proud of you and all that and she is even looseing and is at a size 12 the smae size as me

My parents aren't overweight, my dad used to be but now that he lost 80 pounds, he is healthy. Besisdes I am 5ft 4inches and i weigh 130 pounds, I don't think that I am that fat


my mom and i are both in the middle of our weight loss. we are on different routines but we still keep each other's motivations up!

i am the only fat person in my family

they force me to get fatter

my parents are overwieght also and they are so proud of my that i try to loose weight!

Ok not really compliment me but like they are happy if I do!

My parents aren't overweight, but if they were, they wwould compliment me on eating less,but If I already am skinny (which I am) then it would bother them.. so I just chose they compliment I guess..

I think parents just get jelous if their child starts to lose weight because they think their kids will look better than them.

I think they worry about me but then i don't know if they really know

i don't no if i am overweight

I weigh 340

I am currently 136 pounds and was under 130 last month, and I can't stop gaining weight, and I drink alot of soda and eat alot of fattening foods.

i just lost ten lbs in the last month from eatin healthier and exercising 4 times a week!

there happy that im trying to be happy...but they dont like less eating even if i ama pig

they tell me that I'm doing a good job, adn that i'd be looking great soon"!

If it is a diet then they will understand.

My mom seems to think I starve myself which I don't. In fact, the reason that I'm overweight is because I overeat. It makes me angry when she accuses me of not eating.

They let me eat as much as i want

my mom is alot skinnyer then me, and i hate it, me and my mom are close, but when she looks at me, she allways has sorta a pitty look, and sadness feeling in her eyes, i want to lose weight for mostly her, i weigh 253, and she weighs 175.

my mum dont care.. she trys to help me even tho she lives all the way in virgina.. and i live in another state.... my dad, i dont tell him cause hes a jerk about that stuff.


my parents are no fat, my dad is only a little overweight but whenever i wanto loose weight . my mom makes really good fattening food and i have avoided for a few times for my mom the less i eat the better it is because she is obsess with being skiny she does not eat much, and shes skiny, but my dad is the opposite, he likes to eat a lot of mmexican food, but he doen;t really care if i eat little or alot. but somethimes he would tell me stop eating when i eat a lot.and he likes to bring sonic burgers home every other sunday

i want to eat alot more so i can get fater

My mom is helping me eat less and I am trying to get my dad do the same thing. And my older siter, my niece.

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