Would you pay for one-on-one professional weight loss help on this site?

I think that making people pay might turn them away.

Extra weight doesn't do any harm- why pay to lose it.

It's difficult to pay for things like that seeing as how we don't have credit cards and I'm canadian and earn very little money in my job...I couldn't afford to pay for anything else and my parents would laugh at me!

That would be nice but I don't want my parents to know I come here and they would have to pay so I guess no.



i think that it would be fair to not charge. we are going through enough right now.

I could use all help I could get to loose wieght, I would even willing to pay higher than that, if it involves me loosing wieght,

It should be for free.

i cant afford it.

I think that would be good only they'd have to help you every day and all that stuff. They couldn't help you like once a week.

sorry i dont have that money

please dont even consider making people pay to get help on this site! you'll lose a lot of kids that get help from this site already

i wouldnt pay any money because i know that if i really tried to lose weight i could..i dont need people to be with me to help me loss weight..but that is just me..i know there are many people out there that just need someone to be with them..but in my case i dont ~later

I know thst people should get something in return for helping other people. But some people can't pay for help. I think it would be really cool iuf you guys found people who volunteered so you wouldn't have to hire them.



I am so fat please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seems kinda dumb to pay for help on here..that's just me though

good idea, yet bad idea for extremly poor people who can only worry about paying bills.

to lose weight these day you have to pay for help and advise which i think isnt fair. i want to lose and i go on the internet for help but guess what youve got to pay if only people would help for free.


I would not pay because i have no money. I would love if you hired one though.

i do not want to lose weight i want to get very very fat

I would that be would instering.

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