How do you feel about weight screening in school?

Well I think it is a good idea only if they can do it in privite so they dont humiliate students. I am overweight and I think that might help me to loose weight and want to eat healthy. I wouldntwant to do it though if everyone was watching. So maybe call one student in at a time to a little privite office during gym. That way students won't be embarassed. Also what about those students who are to skinny they might be embarassed so I think they should only do it if they call one student in at a time to an office.

Hello? My school weighs us twice a year and we never die from it. We just diet like we're all going to be supermodels soon.

I think that kids should be able to be fat if they want to be, or are, if they want to loose weight they dont need the government etc breathing down their necks

I think that although screening might cause some body-obsession or embarassment, it would work because people would finally have to sit up and realise that BEING OVERWEIGHT IS A PROBLEM. Its not a fashion problem about "thin-is-better" . Its about your HEALTH - living long and keeping your body in top condition. Looking good has nothing to do with being skinny, because the best you is the healthy you. If little kids are at risk of getting heart problems or diabetes, just because they have too much to eat, then this might put enough pressure on parents and the kids to get real. Screening might cause humilitation, kids might become a little body-obsessed, but if truth be told, who isn't body obsessed already anyway? We're bombarded left right and center with conflicting messages: "EAT, McDonald's, EAT" then "Stick-Thin is SOO in! Just look at our models and celebrities..." At the end of the day, I'd rather be humiliated a little if that's what it takes to keep me from dying young because of some serious health complication.

Some children and most teens are already obsessed with their bodies. I think that weighing kids at school might be a great screening tool as well as an opportunity for teaching on maintaining a healthy weight.

I would hate being weighed in class!

i dont like that idea

yes and no

i kinda wish that schools would do this, i also wish that schools would have a class for weight loss that you could get a credit for

i am an overweight teen and i dessperately need to lose weight and i think that we are overweight because we don't know any other way to lose weight except sport and most of us don't like sport cause we find it hard but now i have found a way because i am the right age to go to the gym i go 3 times a week and watch what i eat but children and teens who can't go to the gym should just watch what they eat until they can go to the gym.

Weight screening is a horrible idea. Kids will become mortified of the other children at school. It would embarass them and make them feel really bad about themselves.

That is wrong. The only way that would be right is if it was confidential.

They weighed our class at school and I was so embarrassed i'm not overweight but I am chubby and I feel so sorry for a boy in my grade who is dangerously overweight and everyone was teasing him I felt so humiliated!

How embarrassing would that be!! how much you weigh is a personal thing, and nobody else should be allowed to know how much you weigh when you dont want them to!!! that is appalling!!!

they do that to me and i weighed 155 in 5th grade the kids made fun of me all year its so embarissing

I say no, not because of embarresment but because it's none of the state's buisness. Plus people know if they are overweight and they know if their eating habits are good or not- wasting money on sending out nutritional info to the overweight will just waste tax payers money.

i hope that this doesn'thappen in my school

if schools are so worried about weight then they shouldn't take it to personal levels- they should serve better food in the cafeteria- because their food isn't as healthy as it seems...

I know its embarrasing to go around school while people are making fun of you.I'm a student at Stilwell Middle its hard in gym if your physically unable I know its embarrasing.When you see skinny girls in shorts and you hate it cause you want to wear some but your to scared.

i think it is a good idea because it will help the health of overweight children and teens, but also i think that indeed it will embaress some of the students. We get weighed at my school in pe though.

stupid website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that being weighed is a good idea because then the gym teacher will know who to go a little harder on and who to not go as hard.

america sucks

I think they should take everyone that is overweight or obese, and every week, have them take a mandatory class about losing weight

i wouldnt want nobody in school to know how much i weigh

Last year they had me weighed at school. They told me that I was heavier than the heaviest of the 17 year olds by more than 50 pounds. They said it in front of everyone and i was so embarrased.

They do it at my school...its so horrible I don't sleep for like a week before it happens and I try to eat like practically nothing which doesn't work and I end up bingeing anyway and gaining more weight. Its horrible it causes so much stress...even the super skinny girls at my school stop eating lunch and stuff no one likes it!

I've been called name like faty and pudge.

its not the schools business

i know lots of people that refused to get on the scales at school, the teacher just guest how much they weigh. wrong, curss miss danniel scumb.

i wouldnt want the kids in my school know my weight

I think weighing kids at school is a bad idea. Even tho it will help overweight kids realize they are not healthy, it would embarrass most of us. I am really overweight and would hate to be weighed at school because I feel bad enough being fat. I don't need people at school (other students or even the nurse) teasing me about it or telling me that I need to lose weight. I know I do, but it would still be embarrassing. I think that most heavy kids would feel this way.

That is by far the stupidest idea I've ever heard of!! It's as if the gouvernment wants the overweight kids to be even more bullied and teased than they already are!!

its embarrassing.... we had to do that in my school once. i made myself throw up so i could go home so i would get to do it in the nurses office where no one would see but the nurse and me. ughh, embarssed still!!

i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! being weighed at school i want to make sure the whole school knows how much i weigh

I love being weighed at school! I like being obese!

they did that at my school as well as that pincher fat thingie and it made me feel bad because i was always one of the heaviest and the ones with the most fat

it is insulted, but i have been weigh in school(that was when i was skiny)besides i don't want people laughin at me when they see the numbers

Everyone in my class is kinda fat but Id still be humiliated

i do not care how much i weigh i love being fat

i never feel comfotable about my body

I think that is a great idea I was weighed in the pass at school I manged to be on the healthy side until I was almost 12. We need to fight this and get to do excriseing that they really like at school.

Maybe if it's private..

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