How often do you feel bored?

im not always bored but i always eat food but for other reasons also.

I i am trying to eat healther and get on a exceriseing program so far i have olost 100 lbs

I feel bored everday when I feel bored and when i feel bored i use to eat but i got in the habit of drinking water when i am bored. Water will give water to my pores and clean them out a little and make it soi dont get a lot of pimples. Well i am trying to loose weight so i drink water not eat when im bored.

I get bored easily but not everyday, only when Im not doing anything. When im bored i lay back on the couch with a big snack and eat. It a hard habit to break

Whenever im bored, i eat and eat, but even though i feel bad after i eat, i just eat more

when ever i m bored i eat its cause i have nothin else to do or i'll be watchin tv and i eat i always eat i can't help it even if i m not hungry

I don't eat when I'm bored.

When i feel bored i usually eat a lot. I also usually eat a lot candy, icecream and chocolate when I am bored

this is why im so overweight im bored so often i eat

i just zone out and not think about anything. ill sit there for hours just listening to my discman, and i wont eat, because im so abosorbed in the tunes.

some days i try to stay active and eat healthy but some days i let loose and eat whatever i feel


These days there is not much to do for teenagers

I eat when im board thats why im soooo fat. :(

I lost 12 pounds!

I don't nessecerily eat when i'm bored

when ever i am board i think of somthing to do and stay away from the kitchen

somedays, my basketball hoop needs to be fixed, or its raining outside so then i get bored, and i have nothing to do.

i am nearly always bored. i dont like doing jobs for my family so i do nothing

I eat a lot when iam bored thats why iam so obese 9 years 9 m and weigh 271 pounds the doctor sead i will be in the 300 pound club before iam 10 6 m am now tne second fattest boy in school help!

I really feel bored when I am watching other people eat stuff, even though I am not hungry, I want it so I get it to eat.

this poll is sooooo dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i eat when i'm bored, and when i'm bored, my stomach hurts.

I do eat when i get fat!!My belly is 32 inches around!!!

I eat when i get bored it is terrible. Also when something tastes good no matter if i am full or not i will eat it. That is what i need to fix!

I always eat, whether I'm bored or not!

I am overweight.

eat a lot when iam bored thats why iam so obese 10 years 1 m and weigh 500 pounds the doctor sead i will be in the 700 pound club before iam 11

Mostly in the winter time I'm bored.


i am obese


when there is nothin to do, and when there is no food in the table, if food is there i'll just eated

jess smells like...cheese

when i am bored i eat so i will get fatter

I find something to do when I am borad I take my dog for a walk or write my diary, pet my anmials, or call my friends on the phone so that I dont overeat and gain more unhelathy weight.

Nothing to heart pounds to heavy to play outside :( tv suck now days so.....i eat!!!!

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