Why do guys care if girls are overweight, but girls don't seem to care if guys are overweight?

i care if guys are overweight.

im 12, boy, 139 lbs, 5' 3" Im overweight lol im so chubby :-)

Because there is more expected of girls and they are most of the time the object of men's entertainment. If they are gonna watch girls jump up and down, I'm sure they don't want to see anything more than their chests bouncing and jiggling. But girls DO care if men are overweight, and actually it IS a big thing because you see great looking built, or muscular men all over the place, and there ARE some guys on this site, so I'd say it's about even except girls have been expected to stay "looking good for their man" longer!

i am a female and i care if guys are over weight....but i rather have an overweight guy than a little bitty guy. but i am more uncomfortable with myself being overweight.

I don't think the answer is any of them listed. I believe that girls have a higher standard because it is not socially acceptable for a girl to be anything but small and thin because otherwise she is deemed as ugly or lacking self-control. Guys can be larger because it is masculine to be big, whereas femininity is seen as being skinny. Girls only go out with larger guys because they feel more secure, and feel "lucky" to have been "chosen". Its a sad but true statement....

I don't agree with any of the options. I had to mark one to comment. Okay...here I go... Ever since the beginning of time, Men have been "over" women. Just now is that beginning to change. Most women are seen as objects and "eye candy" for men, so they need to be perfect. Magazines don't help that issue. Extra pounds on a man can be concidered powerful. There aren't pictures of half naked men in most magazines. It comes down to the media and the idea they put in people's heads. Even though being thinner is more healthy as aposed to being fat, it isn't necesarry to be anorexic. Magazines make women think it is.

Well guys have always had the power, even in the old days. The guys made the rules, the girls followed and it is still like that so we just have to wait till that stops.

GUYS SUCK! All they do is make fun of you and they could be 200 lbs more than you!!! UGH I HATE ALL MEN !!!!!

It has been considered forever and ever that overweight women are not "feminine" or "lady-like" just because women have been known to have a slim figure. Women also could feel the pressure that they have to be perfect for men. Men have been using women since the dawn of the human race! Now it is just EVEN MORE SICKENING of how men use women now! I disagree with all of the options and it is pretty much a disgrace of all women to be perfect in a guys perspective. Heylo... women... get in in your mind that MEN DO NOT RULE OVER ANYMORE! Do stuff for yourself! Okay, enough women empowerment speeches from me. Now, the guys part. Men... men... men... are nicknamed "the dominant sex" for NOTHING! People have that title of men in their head and nobody gives a crap, therefore, some people don't wanna say that they're overweight. Some people do, and thats cool! For THOSE men who are overweight feel it is COOL to TEASE overweight women because it's NOT IN THEIR NATURE to be that way! In conclusion, that's what I think and that is how it shall be my thought until the wreckage of time.

i think that girls think the guys have the power because grls are more worried about being in a relationship thatn guys are and it is easier for a not good looking guy to get a hot grl than it is visa versa and also grls care more about personality in a guy than most guys care about in a grl many guys are concerned about looks more so it puts more pressure on grls im jsut glad that my boyfriend is a true hot sweetheart and sees me for me i just got lucky.:) also many guys are concerned about their looks they just dont show it as much. they may not be worried about their weight as much but they are usually worried about muscles or their build


im a big girl i need help?

I don't agree with any of the options listed I think as long as a guy is cool with his body, Im cool with his body; cofidince is what's attractive!

i wouldnt wanna have fat or over weught boy frined i would want him to be fit hot and nice!

I think it is because Girls are more fashoin orriented, and it takes less fabic to make smaller sizes, which means they make more for thier money, so Society thinks its wrong to be bigger than the sizes the company makes.

I think you relize girls more because they stick out more because they are women. Guys don't really stick out because they don't have the same shape. That is what I think.

I don't think any of these. Society has simply placed all the attention on women in the media. Women have to be this "perfect" shape and figure. Less emphasis is placed on men simply because the media chooses to do so. Despite this, guys who are over weight still think about it just as much as women who are overweight do.

I think that girls don't really care as long as they can learn to approciate each other and learn to love one another thats all that matters.

girls all want 2 b perfect as boys dont care bout der apperence!

i've lost weight,(finally) so i'll still be on.k.

i am a overweight girl and i have a problem with boys thinking that they are not cool if they date a girl that is overweight i think that they are missing out on a great opportunity

No, society is just one of those oddball things that put little ideas into our heads like "It's okay if guys are overweight".

i don't actually agree with any of those. boys don't really put on weight unless its in their genes, but girls are more curvy, and it is easy to see. we are not as active as they are.

girls do care about guys being overweight but they dont say anything cause usually they are desperate and need someone to be there boyfriend and talk about

i think that, that question was a good one because guy/girls should know why girls dont care why guys are over weight

you know what i care but look i dont stress it a guy is a guy a girl is a girl if he likes u you need to be happy u got sumthin expecially if u ova weight makin fun of other ovaweight people

hmm, i really liked this one dude.. but he said he would go out with me if i wasnt so fat. it made me cry. then, 2 days later he got a gf.cause he only weighs 80lbs and hes 13.

girls care more because of the shape of the body, and all the pretty close there is, but sometimes it is to small, and because girls wear skirts and guys do not

I care about my dad and overweight and obesty. Im so happy that my dad is no longer 300 pounds. I am trying to lose weight. I feel sad for guys who are overweight if I know them.

I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thorguh.

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