Why do you think more girls want to lose weight than guys?
Im a guy and im not as concern as woman about how fat i am

i don't think any of those 2 options r the right one but i boted for the last one. i think girls care more about their weight cuz there's more pressure to lose weight than guys.

It is very unfair how guys can be fat and no one cares, yet if a girl is even a few pounds overweight she is deemed fat and ugly.

i have to say one or 2

Girls just have more people on t.v who they want to look like.

alla the guyz in my skool only like the skinny gurlz

Girls are sometimes very, very fat. Guys can also be very, very fat, but it seems as if there are more girls that are fat. That is what I think about this situation. Thank you, come again.

Girls want to fit in with otha girls, so they try to diet. Not all guys but quite a few only think that thin girls are"hot". Thats totally bogus!

boys like fit girls, but girls dont mind too much

The media influences girls to be stick thin, so even if they're at a healthy weight, they still desire to lose. Also, girls bully emotionally, and are cruel to anyone who is the least bit overweight.

also girls look better skinny, and guys look better more muscular, not frail

Girls get too much pressure!!

Seldom do I find girls who are underweight or the correct weight at my school.


there is more pressure from the media for girls to be skinny

Most guys are so shallow they only care if a girl is model thin and they don't think bout thier body at all!

Boys are so superficial! This one guy told me, "Tina, lose a couple pounds, and then I'll think about going out with you chubby!"

us boys are much fatter than most girls we donot care as much about our fat bellies and wobby thighs

Girls don't guys who are overwight because they judge them before they meet them in person and to get to know them better.

I am a 13 year old boy and overweight. Although I am going to eventually start exercising, I haven't really cared about my weight that much. My weight has gone up a lot, and some of my friends who are also overweight do not care about their size.

boys like only thin girls as they look attractive.Girls are much thinner and delicate than guys

Most boys are stronger and bigger than girls.

its true in my school there is like 100 overweight girls ,and like 2 overweight guys.

I think girls are healther than guys are.

boys can be so mean and hurt girls' fealings even if they are overweight

guys are allowed comforting clothes. Baggy stuff can make them look thinner. Girls are expected to wear form fitting clothes and that causes alot of pressure =/

Girls are way more self consious of themselves to gain attention from the opposing sex.


ilove being fat

girls want to go out with hot guys and for that some people think they have to have a hot body that is not true!!!

Girls care more about thier unhealthy weight and want to lose weight and guys lose weight faster girls.