Hey my name is Riley. I live in Anchorage,Alaksa. iIam 11 years old and i am using this programe because i dont want to be overweight anymore. people in my fith grade class alwayz make fun of me and im tired of it.last time i weighed in i was 146.6 pounds now when i weighed in i weighed i weighed 148.6. now i see that seems like a lot of weight but you can easily work it off i borrowed a jump rope from my gym teacher and i am planning to use it as much as possilbe because i want to work off that 2 pounds and my nurse said it was ok she said it might have been my brakfast or somewater i had this moring so boy was i happy to hear that!!! i am planning to lose 8.6 pounds and that is plus the 2 i gained the computer said it would take me 34 weeks because my weight goal to lose is 0.24 pounds a week but i think i can lose that much in less time!i like to play sports here are my favorites, volleyball,soccer,basketball,american footballand i have lots more but i am running out of time if any of you think you ant lose weight beileve in your self and try its that simple trust me i used not to listen to my elders about this but now i listen as much as i can and if your being teeased just ignore them it really works well i have to go now bye
~~~smiley*riley~~~ !


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