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To post your story, you must be or have been overweight. Before and after photos are great. Please first check our weight calculator to see if you were or are overweight. Otherwise, your story will be removed. Note: Stories without photos will be transferred to the bulletin boards.

Below are instructions to create your story and upload your photos or other images:

  1. Type your first name in the box. Your email address is optional.
  2. Click on the "Browse" buttons and find photos or other images on your computer that you wish to place in your story. You may upload up to four .gif, .jpg, or .png images to display in your story. Windows BMP files will NOT work. Images larger than 300 pixels wide or tall will be resized.
  3. Select the colors for the title, background, and text of your story.
  4. Type your story in the content box, or you may copy and paste your story from a page on your computer, like a word processor.
  5. Your images will be uploaded when you click the "Preview" or "Submit" button. If you click "Preview", you will be able to place your images where you would like them in your story. If you click "Submit", your images will simply be put at the bottom of your story, and you will not be able to change anything on your story either.
  6. When you click "Preview", you will first see your story without the images. Click "Edit" and you will be taken back to the writing page where you will now be able to place your images wherever you want in your story.
  7. Left click with your mouse where you want an image inserted into your story, then go up to the Insert Into Story column and left click on either the Left or the Right button in the column. Your images will then align to the left or to the right in the story where you had previously clicked with your mouse. After placing your images, click "Preview". If you don't like how your story looks, click "Edit" and try again.
  8. Tip: If you highlight the image code with your mouse, like , you can then drag it to where you would like it in your story.
  9. Once you click "Submit" you will not be able to change your story further.
  10. Have fun!!!



You may select the colors for the page background, story title, and story content text by click on the desired color.


Please fill in your story title and story contents. The story title will be displayed on the My Story home page.

You may preview and re-edit your story as many times as you like while writing your story. Once your story is submited, it can only be edited by the administrator.

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