!!My Garden!!

In the summer I love to have Gardens they are so fun, I bet your wondering how a garden is a job. Well once again its a job because you have to weed them and water them, having a garden isn't easy! Let you tell me a little about mine, I have a little patch along a fence that i dug up. I have all sorts of different flowers and they are so pretty. They take a lot of work because of taking care of them. Do you just plant them and let them grow and do nothing to them? No, because they need water and fertilizer they can't grow on their own, also you can't plant them in the shade unless they are shade plants, most plants need light to grow and heat. Now where does the heat and light come from? Well, The Sun. The sun is a big ball of fire and it keeps this world lit up. It also gives plants life. What would happen if we didn't have the sun? We would die. Why? Its all part of the food chain, if the plants died animals would die and if the animals die we would die because we wouldn't have any food to eat. That is why having a sun is really important, Not just for plants but for us too. Having a garden makes me feel really happy. Why? Because everytime i look at the beautiful colors of the garden they just cheer me up. I get life out of a garden. What does that mean? Well a garden's colors makes me want to wake up every morning and look at it and smile. Having a garden motivates me by instead of sitting on the couch watching T.V. I can go outside and water my plants and give them a reason to live. I always remember that plants are living organisms and that means that they need water to live just like humans do! I think that this activity will make you children happy and be able to give you somthing to do. It will cheer you up when you see what a beautiful job you have done. Due to your job well done you will fell good about yourself and like to be with others. Trust me about this one it worked for me and I'm sure it will work for you. I use to walk around a brag about my garden all the time i even used to take my friends there and show them. They would always compliment me on my garden because they knew that it would cheer me up. Have Fun!! Be Careful for those Bees!!