!!My Dog's Fun in the Snow!!


In the winter I have fun with my dog called Jasper. He is so fun to play with. I bet your wondering how playing with your dog is a job, well let me tell you!! Your dog is a living thing and he needs exersise just like us humans we can't just be kept locked up in a cage for ever and ever.

My dog is part Huskie and he is really pretty. He has colors in him that are: brown, black, white, and grey. As you all know dogs have four legs and so does mine!! He's about knee hieght. He is so beautiful, deep brown eyes just like mine. His face is a blend of really pretty colors all of the colors that is on him, let me explain that a little better. His face has all his colors that is on him. In one huge blend.

First I dress really warm then take jasper outside when there is a lot of snow, it is so fun. The way Jasper makes me feel in the snow is unbelieveable, He makes me feel like a person and playing with him makes me feel so happy, it takes all the bad stuff out of my head and puts happy stuff in it. Don't ask me how, its just somthing that dogs are able to do. 

Second thing I do is try to chase him through the snow because its cute to watch him try to run through the snow when it is as tall as he is. He looks like a four legged kangaroo. All he does is hops around like a deer that is being chased. This activity makes me hyper and motavates me to do somthing with my life. 

Instead of sitting on the couch and watch TV why don't you take your dog out and play with him/her, your not only doing somthing for yourself your doing somthing for you dog and he needs attention. If you don't have a dog I bet you have a neighbor that is not able to do things with their dog anymore, so go ask them if you can help out and give ther dog some attention. Come on don't be shy!! Just try it, I bet they would be delighted to let you.

This activity is for everyone no matter how old you are, have fun with your dog give him some attention. Maybe instead of eating because your depressed get out there and do somthing with your dog to cheer you up. When ever I am depressed I just go give my dog a visit because no matter how you treat him/her he or she will always love you and will always be happy to see you. Do you know what that is called?? I'll give you a hint!! Its the same thing your parents have for you!! Its called Unconditional Love, which means no matter how many mistakes you make they will always care about you and love you. Just looking into my dogs eyes makes me a new person and makes me feel happy. You should try it just go look in your dogs eyes and I bet you will feel happy, maybe even he/she will give you those sad eyes and I bet you will take him/her outside to play.

Another atvantidge of having a dog is, ok, this is kindof embarrising but I'm going to tell you anyways!! When I feel like crying and I don't want to cry in front of my parents because I don't want to be called or seen as a "cry baby", this is where the atvantidge comes in! I have my dog!! I can just go sit with him/her and just ball my eyes out and my dogs not going to tell anyone. Well your dog can't talk anyways but you know what I mean. I hope!! Anyways my dog comes and cheers me up right away its just something in his eyes that make me feel awesome!! Makes me feel like I'm a real person!!

This activity is fun and you don't have to do it everyday but just like everyother day. Don't think of this as a job but as doing somthing for yourself and others as in your dog or a neighbors dog. Just make sure you feed your dog. Have Fun!! AND Dress Warm!!