My story is: Hi my name is Dawn and I am extremely overweight. Sometimes I cry until I fall asleep. One time I weighed 206 pounds so I decided to go on a diet and I lost the weight like a hot potato. I was down to 153 and was feeling so beautiful. I started to eat the fatty foods again. I told myself "oh It's only a couple of cookies" or "I will only eat a small bag of chips" but when I started to eat, I couldn't stop. Just today I decided when my dad got paid, if he would buy me some weight loss pills. I am only 14 years old and I now weigh 197.5 I hope to lose a lot of weight before my birthday in November. So many people tell me I look so beautiful but I can see in their eyes their lying to me because it's hard to tell someone their over weight. I have gained so much weight, I have had my tonsils removed so I could breath during the night. I have asthma, sleep apnea, and bulimia nervosa because of my dramatic weight gain. I get real depressed at times because I look at myself in the mirror and wonder why I let myself get that big. I hide my feelings from my friends and family. I have a hard time learning and understanding things now, I sleep in school and when I take naps, it's for long hours and then when I wake up I don't feel refreshed, I have headaches and body aches. If I breathe in to to deep, my chest hurts. I take so much medicine now to make sure my passage ways are open enough so I can breathe, but sometimes I feel as if I can't breathe at all and it hurts. My mom went on a diet and she weighs in the 130's then she got into the 140's again because she thought that because she lost so much weight that she would eat some chips, and fatty foods but I told her I couldn't watch her go through weight gain like I am. I'm going to try to go on another diet on Wednesday, May 22, 2003 and see how that goes. I never take photos of myself so I have none to put here. When on video camera I hide so people won't see me because I am ashamed. When I eat I like to eat alone because I am embarrassed of how much I eat. Like if I go out to eat with my mom or dad, we can't just get a soda or small salad. I need to double cheese burgers, fries, desert, soda, and a snack right after that. And even then I don't feel full. I even eat when i'm not hungry because I have to have food in my mouth. So if you would ever like to talk or discuss something, email me at dawn.sousa@attbi.com or IM me on AIM. My screen name is DarkAngel72x4


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