My name is Ashlie and I recently came on  this website because I was afraid I was overweight and since I have been here it has been so helpful to have something record my weight. Writing comments everyday really helps me remember like oh yeah I was 103  now I am 101, wow!!!!!!!!

If you sit there and say that you are fat that won't help you to get healthy because when you think of fat you don't really get anywhere. Now what you should think of is, Oh I'm overweight but I going to lose it all and just keep on
thinking that and finally you are at a healthy range and I promise you will be just read what is down below follow that advice for a day to start with and walla  you lost two pounds just keep it up and there you go you are healthy.

You know eating the right food is very important because when I am hungry for something like junk food I have this little voice inside of me saying
"eat it eat it" and I just have to say to myself "now do I really need this dumb stuff " "NO" and I think that other people should start doing what I do and that  is just keep saying "NO" to those stupid junk food things.

Instead of eating a slice of pizza or a bag of chips go grab a banana or make yourself a salad you can do it I did so you can too. Then go work in a garden or do something Physical don't go grab the remote and watch TV you have better things to do like call up your friend and say "hey you want to go swimming or go ride bike". It was like that for me too  that little voice in my head saying "watch TV watch TV" and I just have to say "NO" you can too, say "NO" .

                    My garden




Swimming in the lake is good exercise and is fun.

Going to a restaurant 

Going to a restaurant is fairly simple you just have to be careful on what you choose of menu. 






Cut what you eat in half so you can put half back in the box for later.


Then you can take it with you




Then you can have it for lunch the next day



You can eat salads, which are more healthy for you.





Going to the Supermarket

Doughnuts... are they a healthy?  Maybe not...



Maybe get just one and eat part of it now and save rest for later..


How about healthy stuff like fruits?



Nectarines and plums are real good.



I got a parakeet for a pet named Junior. 

It was my birthday.  I am 11.









I started taking tap dancing and lost like 10 pounds!!  We did a performance in front of the whole town.  I was so proud.  Thats me in the middle in the top pic and Im second from the right in front in the bottom one.


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