Hi, My name is Ashpie and I just got a dog named Buddy! He is a Husky pup, isn't he cute!  He brings so much joy into my life and helps me not to be so bored anymore.  Buddy keeps me so busy and is a great way for me to stop thinking about food all the time and do something  fun.  I used to feel so lonely and bored and I think I ate just because I was bored, not because I was hungry.  But now, Im too busy to eat!  I get lots more exercise with Buddy. 

My Dad said I could get a dog if I would take care of it and be responsable for his care.  We picked up Buddy at the dog pound so he didn't cost us lots of money.  We had to paid for his shots that's all. The minute I saw him, I knew he was the one.  Once I held him, I knew he would be mine and I instantly named him "Buddy."  He already felt like a good friend!  Now, I had my very own dog and my very own responsability.

When Buddy was a pup, I had to teach him to go to the bathroom on papers and outside.  He would wake me up really early by barking at the foot of my bed so I had to get up and let him outside.  Then he climbed back to bed and snuggled with me.  He was so warm and cozy and we both fell back fast asleep.

Now Buddy is all grown up.  Here we are outside playing.  I make sure Buddy goes for walks and that's a great way to make sure that I go for walks too.  So, we both win!  Buddy gets exercise and so do I.  Because Buddy needs exercise everyday, I get good exercise too.  I make sure Buddy gets lots of water when we come back from exercise, just like I do. Sometimes we walk down to Lake Alice, about 4 blocks away and go along the Lake.  My Dad comes with us sometimes so I get to be with my Dad and Buddy at the same time.  That is so great. Then my Dad gets exercise too!

Buddy likes to eat lots.  Because he is growing he needs certain kinds of food.  I learned from the veterinarian what to feed him and how much so I don't over feed him.  Dogs are like people, they need the right amount of food and exercise to be healthy.  This helps me to learn more about watching what I eat and to eat only when I am hungry.

Buddy does lots of tricks.  Already and I've taught him how to roll over and to stop.  He sometimes does it right and when he doesn't,  I have to remember, he is only a pup.  I give him extra hugs for rewards when he does a trick, not food.  That way I don't over feed him.

Having Buddy makes me feel needed and loved.  I would recommend getting a pet if you are lonely or bored.  A pet can fill up your day with lots of activity and keeps you more healthy by exercising more.  I feel better now that I get more exercise and I'm just happier.  I don't think about loosing weight, I think about getting exercise, being more healthy and enjoying my new friend.  I hope you like my story.

Love Ashlie & Buddy


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