My name is andrea. i am 14 years old. i live in western australia. i admit to being overweight but i also have thyroid disease. this is when your thyroid gland dosent work properley, your thyroid gland is the gland that burns your fat. i am 83 kg's and 169 cms tall. i love to play sports especialy basketball and in yr 7 i was in the top 5 for short distance sprinting, so i have quite alot of muscle. i have to go to the doctors for a blood test to confirm i have the disease and then i will be put on a tablet that will help my thyroid to work and i will be put on a special diet especialy for me. i realy hope that i can loose weight because i want to get better at the sports i love. maybee i will be a faster runner. the sports i like to play are Basketball, volleyball, tenis, australian football, soccor, and i love to go bike riding.  The pic at left is when i went abseiling at camp.






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