My name is Jack and I am 13 years old. I weigh 165 pounds.

When I was 11 years old, I was still very obese and used to get bullied A LOT because of my weight. I was so upset, that one day, I decided to just GAIN weight. So every night, without my parents noticing, I snuck downstairs to the kitchen for food.

I asked for the biggest, and highest callorie meal from a restaurant, and at buffets I ate till my stomach felt a lot bigger. I weighed myself everyday, and everyday my weight had increased.

Eventually, at 12 years old, my mom asked why I asked for so much food- so I finally told her that I had been secretly gaining weight, without her knowing. She laughed and replied, "If you feel that you need to change your body, you only need to ask me!

Like I said, I am now 13, and weigh 165 pounds, with my mom constantly feeding me (she seems to love my massiveness)!

Since I am so big, I have to wear ADULT SIZE large! On the bus to school, nobody sits next to me because I take up 1 and a half seats! I was in a hot tub with my friend and the hot tub could easily fit 4 kids, but for me, it was tightly packed with JUST me and my friend! This may have been because we are both obese, but I am still the biggest. After we got out the hot tub, we thought it would be fun to ride on eachothers shoulders...when he got on my back, it was very painful, since he is very obese too, but when I got on him, he COLASED. Apparantly I actually dislocated his shoulder due to my weight! Despite this, I STILL want to get fatter, and I was the one who convinsed that friend to get obese like me!

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