I am a 12 year old female named Martha. It started when I was 5 my mom would over feed me making me 6 meals a day. I did not mind it that I was overweight. But when I was 6 my Dad lost his job this was when the reak trouble started. My dad stopped talking with me about my problem. I thought my dad cared about me because he would always make me or get food for me when I had a problem. Every year since then I have gained 100lb each year. I got so fat that I couldn't walk more than a few feet without being out of breath. The last 3 month before my mother divorced my dad he took me to a buffet every day were I would manage to eat at minimum 10000 calories. I gained about 100lb in 3 months. I became bead bound and could not walk due to being 5ft 650lb at 11. Its been a year since my dad left and I have manged to lose about 25lb. I am still mostly immobile but I can walk again although only a couple ft at a time.

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