Hi everyone this is my story, so ever since i was 8 i got big, at 8 i was 180lbs
By the time i was 12 i was 210lbs.
Ever since then i got fatter. At 14 i was 300, now im 15 and almost 400lbs (393) i have a eating disorder and I eat all day. When my mum goes to sleep i sneak downstairs to eat. More recently i fell asleep beside my fridge and my mum caught me with my 3 chins and fat belly with fat folds in it. Recently I've got more tired and get exhausted by going toilet, up and down the stairs etc
Today I had to go to a Store for fat peole such as myself and i have to wear 4XL shirts and 85 waist sweatpants. I currently don't mind my weight and actually fell comfortable with it. If u wanna chat about being big or if you're scared about how big u mite get i can tell u the downfalls. I have snapchat ( primalfishz9000 ) and i chat on here. Stay safe and healthy <3

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