~ MY LIFE 650+ ~

My name is Mary and I’m 15. I weigh 650+ pounds which is probably like the most for a 15 year old in America. I weigh so much I need help with everything. That includes going to the bathroom and showering. It’s so embarrassing having to have your parent wipe you or give you a bath. Unfortunately our house only has one bathroom with a shower. I haven’t been able to fit in this bathroom since last year. So when I take a shower, about once a week, I go out to the deck and my dad hoses me down. It’s the worst part of my week. Aside from hygiene I do some stuff on my own. I can walk even though I get out of breath. I dropped out of school recently though. My mom used to be a teacher anyways so it was fine. My last straw at school was when I broke my reinforced desk and I broke a seat in the cafeteria in the same day. During class I leaned back a little and the chair cracked and broke in half. Then they brought in this big metal chair with arms. They said this chair has never broken under any weight. I didn’t even get to test the durability because my butt couldn’t fit into it. Then I just had to sit on the floor the whole day. It was so embarrassing I couldn’t go back. Since then I just sit home and eat. My dad is a photographer and he takes pictures of me. Even though I’m fat he tells me I’m beautiful. If you have any questions about my story or just want to talk my email is jack63359@gmail.com. (It’s my dads old email) Tank you for reading. I hope you all either lose the weight or find peace at your size. I’m still working on both.

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