My name is Kate. I’m 5’4 14 and 500 pounds. I love to eat. I sneak food because my mom is ashamed of me. I lost my dad when I was 10 and she takes it out on me. When I come downstairs and watch tv in my underwear. My mom walks in with an empty cookies box. “Oh my god! You are so fat!” She slapped my belly. “You can’t eat this stuff anymore! Ok you broke the rules you know what comes next” I layed over her lap. She spanked me 5 times. Every time I eat something I’m not supposed to I get a spanking. My mom likes to embarrass me. When I was trying out for softball she gave my sisters uniform. My pants only made it half way up my butt and my whole belly was exposed. But I’m really good at hitting and I made the team. At practice we warm up by running. The deal is once every one has slapped my belly 3 times while running they’re done. So they all have to lap me 3 times. They give me a head start. Everyone says hi and then they slap me. “Hi Kate” slap “hey Katie girl!” Slap “ Kate come to my place later ok?” Squeeze. By them time I’m done my belly is hanging out. My coach brings us in for a huddle. “Ok girls. Let’s have a great practice. We’re doing defense today. Everyone get to there positions. Fatso will stay with me.” I am the DH. I’m to slow to play defense. My team went to their positions. I stayed with the coach. “Hey fatso. Here’s some candy.” She handed me 3 candy bars. “Thanks” I ate them happily. She patted my belly. “Anything for star hitter and good luck charm” my belly is the teams good luck charm. They all jiggle any chance they get. It sounds insane, but we’re undefeated. If something is lucky in softball, you stick with it. My coach gave me a purposefully small Jerry’s so my belly hangs out “to increase the luck.” She says. Honestly I do t see why they have to jiggle my belly I think we just a really good team. But they all think it’s necessary so I let them do it. Back at home my mom has her sister over a ton. My aunt is equally mean. They make me do fashion show Friday’s wear I put on my twin sisters small clothes and they make fun of me. But at least I usually get ice cream. I walk down stairs I. My first outfit. Skinny jeans and a low cut top. Since I’m 500 pounds I have a very big butt and very big boobs. So the top actually looks good. But it shows all of my belly. I can’t get the jeans past my thighs. My mom starts laughing with my aunt. She gives me a cupcake and smashes frosting all over my face. The she gives my the cupcake and tells me to hold it. I have no idea what’s going on but I go along. The she puts on a blindfold and takes me towards a door. She yells “Chris!” Takes off my blindfold and closes the door. Chris is my crush. Now he’s coming over, I’m basically naked, and holding a cupcake in my hand. OMG! “Hey Kate” “hi chris” “you look really good” he said. Then my mom pops out. “Oh hi Chris! Kate this is your tenth cupcake today! No more!” She says and jiggles my belly. “She is really fat right. She weighs 500.” My mom says “ “mom stop!” I cry. I storm inside. I hate my life and I hate my fat.

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