I'm currently 5'4' and 22st 10lbs which is 318lbs. I keep trying to lose weight but I keep failing. My trouble is I just love food and am very weak. Being fat runs in my family, my mum and dad are both dead fat, and I have a cousin a bit bigger than me.
I've always been fat, and I used to let it bother me. I got bullied at school, called names, couple of lads pinched my fatty rolls and a gang kept tripping me up to watch me get up again, then push me over again.
I don't care now. I found that if I called myself fat, wobbled my belly in front of the bullies, then they left me alone.
I've read loads of stories on here, and loads of kids who have been bullied.
So being fat aint good, and I'd love to lose weight, but if you're fat and being bullied don't let it bother you.

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