~ I AM FAT ~

Hi I Ann not going to tell you my name but I will make one up! Hi I am lily and I am 12 I am really fat! When I mean fat I mean fat! I weigh 10st and 12 pounds which is almost 11st! I am really worried about my weight! The other day I was in p.e and I felt sick because I was running! When ever I do run my fat giggles up and down! I have 3 big rolls of fat! One time I was wearing a belly top and well I sat down in kfc and well my crush was there I sucked everything and was acting all hard until he told me to come sit down, when I sat down all of my fat was hanging over my jeans and all of his friends where looking at my stomach amazes anyways he laided me on the chair and then started poking my fat and holiding it! He know I was fat but he said I was skinny! Everyday he would buy me a huge chocolate cake like a birthday one and fed it to me I put on 1st everyday! My mum started filling my lunch cup with chocolate bars until one day I didn’t eat anything! My boyfriend made me come in to school with a belly tool but this tons I was huge! I was OBESE! My mum took me to the doctors and he was surprised he said I was the fastest person he ever met I weighed 20st and he soadbthat he he was worried ! He siad if I don’t go on a diet hen I would die! So my mum but me on a diet but every day my boy friend would but me a chocolate cake and some chocolate I why’ve back to the doctor she said I was a tiny bit close to dying! My boyfriend started playing with my fat all of the time coming around school saying look at her fat I was pinned down on the floor and people took pictures of me! I feel sad everyday now and I will never forget it.

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