So all my life I've been obese. Starting around the age of four I was introduced to computers and junk food. This was the time of my life where my parents were not watching everything i was doing anymore. I put on around 20 pounds in the next one and half years putting me around 60. Neither of my parents noticed as both were a little overweight. I started pre-school and met some friends. Picture 1 >>>
Over the next few years i put on a few extra pounds but nothing to noticeable, a few comments on me getting big, but that was always fine. By the time third grade rolled around I started getting taller and this growth spurt had me getting taller and with it my diet. The yearly weight gain went from a little over normal to a lot over normal. By the start of fourth grade I didn't look so well anymore.
By now I was nearing 120 pounds. Before I had only been one the bigger kids in school, now I was the biggest. This is when I found that being big wasn't the best thing anymore. The other kids starting to make fun of me during school. PE was the worst time of the week, well now it was twice even worse. Some times we had things I could do, like stretching other times it was horrible. After putting on the weight I didn't have very many good fitting clothes, so when we had to run 'more like walk' people could see the fat. The PE people weren't really good so people could just come up and pass me and jiggle my belly. I got really embarrassed and started eating for comfort. Keeping this up for two years until sixth grade made me really obese. By now i'm around 5 foot 5 and 160 pounds

The next few years got a little better, I still had to deal with people calling me fat and stuff but with PE and me starting water polo, I started losing weight and by Freshmen year of high school I had made progress. It is now that I start really getting fit.

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