My Name is Julia Hayio. I was born in California. I have a Husband called Adien and 2 beautiful kids, a 14 year old called Max and a 6 year old called Jenna. I am 34 years old. But I am 649 lb. I remember being a very overweight young child. At the age of 12 I was a woman 16 and 256 lb. I always snuck food into my cupboard at a very young age. I hade the worst stretch marks and my mum said the where completely normal nor a bigger girl and they will go soon. My 2 wonderful children Max who is 14, 15 in September and weighs a wopping 223 lb. Jenna is 6 and weighs 96lb. Adien is from New Zealand. He is 46 and for his age, he has a perfect weight, 257 lb. I do not want my children growing up to be obese like me. My Grandma was morbidly obese. Weighing a 689 lb when she died of a heart attack at the age of 75. I remember my mum having to have a stone taken out of her stomach when I was 14. All we ( Me, my Dad, Older brother and older sister) could afford was fast food mainly McDonalds or KFC. I had a huge appetite and always orders the largest burgers or chicken with a large frozen coke or lemonade. That's when the obesity really kicked in. It was like that for nearly 2 and 1/2 years because my Dad hade to stay in Hospital with brain cancer after mum came out. My Brother became Addicted to drugs and alcohol 4 years later and died. After I had Max, I weighed a big 464 lb and my doctor said if I put on more the 45 pounds in the next couple of years I may not be able to have more children. 2 years later my sister died from a car crash with her husband. I was very depressed. After I had Jennna my Dad died from having brain cancer for the third time. I had lost my Dad, my brother and my sister. I was trying to have a third child but since I was so depressed, I put on another 100 lb. The Doctor said no matter how hard I tried, because I was over 475 lb, I could no longer have another child. I was even more depressed I put on another 50 lb. That is when I realised that at the age of 7, Max was already 95 lb. I knew if I keeped eating, so would max and he would be come morbidly obese like me. I them stooped eating around 7,000 calories a day and started eating around 3,000. Adien and I decided to put our family on a organic diet. It worked for about 2 years. I lost 14 lb. but then Max got very bad diabetes and Jenna started get Asthma. Now I was even more depressed and went out one day and I went to McDonalds. I Bought 3 mighty Angus Burgers, 1 cheese burger, 2 Caramel McFlurry's and a frozen coke. I ate them all but put on 25 lb. I was afraid I would die. But them we went back on the organic diet and our family was better. I am still a very very big obese girl but I will make sure our family will stay healthy for the rest of our life's.

These Photos show me 2 years ago with my mother who has sadly passed away at the age of 77 and weighing 143 lb, Max on his 14th birthday and Jenna when we went to Australia, Sydney Last year.

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