I have been Fat for as long as I can remember. I am 61.7 Kg. I am quite tall, third tallest in my class. 145 cm. Some people in my class can eat and eat and not get fat. But when I do, I get fat. Heaps of people in my class weigh about 30-40 Kg. But i am 61.7 kg. In US, i am 4ft 5 inches and in weight, i am 135.74 lb. In British, i am 4ft 5 inches and in weight, i am 9 stone 10 lb. My mum tells me that it is just puppy fat and it will go away once you get to a teenager but look at the pictures. I know it's Fat not Puppy fat. What do you think. Heaps of girls in my class have been asked out.... But not me:( in 6th grade most girls have been asked out. Except me:( I want to grow up to be thin, have a nice husband and have kids. But I don't want to be an obese adult and I have seen movies where a lady is to obese to have kids. I have size 12 feet woman's and my stomach nearly goes over them! I always sneak chocolate and biscuits in my cupboard. I try not to eat but the next thing I know. It is down my throat. I am size Jr 16. Most of my friends are size 8,10 or 12. All my friends can do ariels( no handed cartweel ) and Walkovers but I can't even do a handstand bridge. I wish i wasn't like this. It is just the temptation of food and the flavours I can't resist. It's not fair. I have slim beautiful friends who tell me I'm not one bit fat and they have a FAT ugly friend who IS FAT!!!

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