~ I WEIGH 378.9 LBS!!! ~

I am super FAT. i weigh 378.9 lb. i am so Fat I am homeschooled. Sometimes I have trouble walking. I stay in my bed and EAT and EAT and EAT. Watch Tv and play My IPad. I hide lollies and chocolate in my cuboard. my addiction for food started when inwas 1. i was born 47 pounds!! i weigh more then my 52 year old Dad who weighs 223.5 lb, My 45 year old mum who weighs 175.2 lb, my 23 year old brother who weighs 153.7 lb, my 17 year old sister who weighs 142.5 lb and my little 2 year old brother who 30 pounds...... In Preschool, all my friends weighed 30 and 40 pounds and I weighed..... Around 123 lb. I had bad stretch marks and my mum said they where normal. I had Instagram but I got really badly bullied. I have never been to the Zoo or a water park or a theme park before. I have never been on a plane before. My bed is quite high and when I was 10, I fell out of it and broke my big fat cubby arm. The doctor said that this was quite common for obese people to fall out if high beds. Until my arm got better, I had to have a thing around my bed so I didn't fall again. Cause I am so fat, I really struggled with a broken arm. I had to go to hospital once because I had trouble breathing. Once my cousin invited me to her birthday party and the whole time I was there, I ate. I ate the whole bowl of twisties, cheese and bacon balls, I had 12 small bars if Charlton chews, 7 Bars of Reeses, half the bowl of chicken chips and 3 and 1/2 pieces of the fredo frog cake. When I got home, I made a pig out of myself. I had 3 choc chip cookies and 2 mars bars .I weighed my self and I was 3 lbs heavier! I couldn't see my feet over my tummy. I had 7 chubby things on my tummy, now I have 9! I think I am getting fatter each day. I started my like of food when I was 2. Yesterday, I had 7 packets of chips that put in 1 more lb. I Hate being Fat. I am a pig and I know it. I am talking about not wanting to be fat and I am eating a Harsley. Some People are proud of being fat. Some people think being fat is funny. But how would you like it if you weighed as much as me and got laughed at. Cause that's what I get every single day. I try not to eat but i do... too much. I am at a life threatening weight for 12. Please help me.

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