Being me is tough.
I have pretty friends, who are about 5 stone or something.I am 11 years old and overweight. I weigh 10 stone 8 pounds. I know terrible. I have 3 friends who are pretty, bouncy friendly girls who all have nice figures and slim legs. I am the complete oposite. I am bottom for everything, i am unfit, i always get out of breath when i run in p.e. Once i was running for sports day and i came last on the race and everyone laughed. I didn't realise that my belly was hanging over my 15-16 size trousers. I was embarresed and was tormented for days after. Then, 3 weeks later i moved school. I went to a new school near mums house. But i had no friends. For the next few weeks i comfort ate at least 3000 calories a day.Soon i had to move up a size. I was now wearing clothes mad for an average size 18 yr old, and i was only 12. I am now 14 and still piling on the pounds. I am at a life threatening weight of 13 stone. I need help...fast!!

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