Let's just say it hasn't been easy.
Being overweight is bad enough.
But obese? It couldn't get much worse.
At first, I was nine. I noticed some of my clothes had started getting tighter. At this age, I was always the super slim girl. Well, not anymore. I then really started to get aware that I was putting on a 'pound too many' when a dress, my mum had bought for me that had always been far too wide, was literally IMPOSSIBLE to zip without having to breath! When I was just nine, (being the super skinny girl) I weighed in at a nice 6 stone 5 lbs! Then when I started to put on weight, by the time I was 9 and 3 months, I was almost 7 and a half stone! I was alarmed at this! As the months passed by, the pounds piled on. Now at 14, I weigh a nasty 13 and a half stone. Help!
When I started balloning, the areas which fattened out were my belly, hips at butt.
I looked awful in trousers as my belly started to overhang. At 12 I am morbidly obese.
My belly would swell rapidly, (this sounds mad) but sometimes you could feel your belly spread out and your clothes would feel really tight! I always have looked older and I have been asked 'Are you pregnant?'
Will some1 please help me.

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