~ WOW!!! ~

The first thing I've got to say is WOW!!! U guys have been thru some pretty tough things!! The second thing is u shld all b happy!! Yr all epic!! The third thing is that I'm fat 2 but u know wot... I'm happy!!! Nobody's perfect!!! And don't let bullies get u down cuz they're all horrid, insecure losers (no offence... well, not much). If u do need 2 loose weight try cutting down on carbs like bread and pasta cuz they're super fattening. Thats wot my dad did now he looks gr8!! Don't over indulge... but don't starve myself either. Just b happy!!! :-) and if u r feeling down type the 'happy song's in tube cuz it WILL make u smile!!!!

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