HI my name is Benjamin I'm 260 lbs 5 foot 5 i like sports and video games ever since i was little kid i loved food it did not really matter what it was you put it in front of me i ate it my family had rules that it was a insult to not finish a meal especially at a friends house it like saying you're food is nasty so I'm not going to eat it even if it was nasty i still ate it of course like anybody i had my favorites i think the real reason that I'm the size i am to day was the way my family ate all those home cooked meals my mom was from the south and she made all kinds of southern foods like grits and eggs and bacon and BLTs and fried chicken and biscuits and gravy and mash potatoes and chicken and dumplings she also makes spaghetti beef stew chicken noodle soup stir fry well i could go on and on but my point is we had big family and my mom made loads of delicious foods and on top of that my dad spoiled me with fast food and candy so when you add it all up i guess you get 260 lbs 16 year old and like any overweight kid you get picked on for being fat and you hate you're self so you eat the pain away it only thing makes you feel better i call it the ( double edged sword )and now I'm at my ropes end Ive missed education because of bully's and getting in fights get you kicked out I'm alone i have no friends all i have now i a mom who so sick and step father who is so stacked with work to keep ends meet i have no one Sept my laptop and my video games and 20 acres of desert and no neighbors so now I'm tired of being obese and having no education so now I'm going to my weight and get home schooled and go back to school and be not so over weight and try to graduate and i have a chat line to keep my spirits up

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