hi im rebecca an dim 11 i weigh 8 stone 5 and i'm 4 foot 9.(<< me 7) im obese :( but i find it hard to do anything as i hate vegetables and some fruit :s (> me now)
i only have one person that will listen and will help me (^^ me 9) with my weight problems. that is my best friend.
My weight has become such a problem that when we had a weight in day a school i was rwaly nervous and when i had my result back it was very worrying and saddening news. that i was obese but that much obese that i had a high risk of dying before my mum and dad and developing diabetes type 2 :( suicide crossed my mind a few times but i knew i couldn't do that as my little sister does everything i do. and i just couldnt dothat to my family as my brother is disabled :(
so i took a depression test and i got bad results which was 13 out of 27 :(
and at that point i was even more depressed. so i thought i should try to lose weight before school started and i weight for a 1 hour walk every day had judo on tuesday , spinnning on wednesday , and kids activitys on saturday. the first week i lost 3 pounds and i was so happy but the next week i put on 2 pounds so i gave up. now i have to weeks time school and im the fattest out of my new form and my friend group. my best friend allways puts me down about it by making fun of me but the way she does it makes me happier and feel special. when i told her about the depression and thinking about suicide she was shocked and said that what ever you look like i do not care you are perfect to me , libby (my other bestfriend who moved to another school who i will see in high school :D) and daniel ( my geeky boyfriend who dumped me :( ) at that moment i was happy about what she said. then i didnt feel that good as that night was my nana's birthday and she loves to cook christmas dinners (which are wonderful) and she makes losts of it and she gave me about double of what i should eat because she hadn't seen me for a year and thought i was losing weight. i didnt want to eat it all but the next thing i remeber is that i have a clear plate and i felt so guilty i wanted to throw up so that night i tried to but i couldn't and that made me feel even worse. I've been over weight for 4 years when i was 7 i weighed 5 stone 5 which i dont know if that is over weight but in pictures i looked it and when i was 8 i was 6 stone 3-6 pounds when i was 9 and 10 i weight 7 stone 8 pounds now im 11 and i weigh 8 stone 4. i need to do something but my confedence as im going into high school and i can not talk to any one there as i think they might think im fat and its been like that for 2 years i cant talk to a stranger so when ever i go to a new club my mum always has to talk and not me. im trying to do what lucy did my halfing my meal and saving the rest for later but when do you eat the other half??

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