Hi I'm 13 years old and I've been fat all my life but never overweight but now in over weight and I keep trying to lose weight, it works and it sometimes don't work. I go on diets but when I'm on it, its hard to stay on because everyone in my house brings sweets and chips and things I cant have in the house. It's hard not to eat it because there so good. It's like they bring it in to make me jealous or something so I end up eating it and messing up my whole diet. Then I plan to exercise everyday but I end up eating to much that what I lost over exercise I gain back. Sometimes I just think maybe if I was anorexic everything will be fine but I know that its not healthy. Every time I get on the scale and the number 178lbs comes up I say to myself "I hate you why did you let this happen to you" but I also say "you can lose weight don't be mad at yourself" I just need help and I need to tell myself when ever I see my family eating something unhealthy that you don't need it. So I thought of something to help me through it when ever I want something unhealthy ill just go exerciseing to get it of my mind.

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