~ I NEED HELP!!! ~

I'm just an ordinary 14 year old girl! Exept there's something that is not very ordinary about me! I am 5"5 and weigh 156lbs!! I NEED HELP!!!
I don't really know where it all went wrong?! I was born fat! I know babies are meant to be chubby and I think i was fine then but (with me being the oldest and all) people just kept on feeding me. My whole life I have been wearing clothes bigger than I should have done and that was not because people needed glasses to read the age lable! I was fat! There's no question about it! My friends are all skinny and constantly complain that they need to lose weight! And these points I just walk away! Constantly being referred to as 'the big one' or 'the growing girl', I try my hardest to shake off the pounds! The thing is that I'm really active. A lot more than most teenagers these days I do over 10 hours of sport a week and my diet is healthy as well I just don't understand! People just say its baby fat and it will go soon but the thing is I know it won't! Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself... does this look like baby fat to you? Because to me it looks like fat! I'm just fatty and probably always will be! If I don't get some help soon! The thing is im scared to go to the doctors and to talk to my parents I know I should do but I just can't.
Thank you for reading im sorry its long but I just really needed to get this out of my system!! I just want to be a normal, slim girl who looks good in every item of clothing she wears! Is that too much to ask?
Ps. The pics are of me in my bikini that my parents optimistically brought me.
Good luck to everyone on their journeys!!

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