Hi my name is Abraham, I've been overweight my whole life, I've been getting bullied last year In 7 th grade, by 8th grade I knew I had to make a change. So I joined wrestling. I was nervous. I knew they put us up by weight class. I have a friend who was doing wrestling who is heavier than me( just in muscle). And I thought we would be paired up, but they separated us into beginners and experienced people, I'm a beginner and he's experienced. It was embarassing because when they paired us up, I was the heaviest beginner there! So the closest person to me was about 30 pounds less than me. And it made it hard on him just to move me. We got weighed and I was 194 pounds!! But. As the season went by, they allowed experienced people and experienced people practice together. I quit wrestling about 3 weeks before the seoson ended. But I lost 6 pounds! If I stayed in tell the rest of the seoson I would have lost About 10 pounds! So join a sport it will help u loose weight!

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