Ya, do right now I just realized, its been a while since I've seen my dad, then was remembering some times we had. Then, I remembered when we went to the park, got on a seesaw and I was the one on bottom! Ok we'll actually were tied up but I was a little bit lower.ya... That scared me, but my dad didnt really notice, he just busy figuring out how to go so where I'm on the top, wich took a while, it was a lil embarrassing... He finally did but for like about 2 seconds then I went back down... BUT THAT WAS A YEAR AGO! When I weighed 180 now im 187! So that means back then he was about 165 and now 170? But he's in muscle and fat where as I am all fat! So I have a bout 20 pounds on him. It makes me sad, and were both the same height. If you can relate, please put a story on about it.

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