Well im not really sure if any body is even reading this but hey i thought i would share my story. Where do i start, i first started to be over weight when my mom got a job with a oil refinery. She never had time to cook me some thing so the fastest thing for her was fast food it was like this for years. Fast food every day most of my meals would be fast food. The weight just stacked and stacked. When i got to 7th grade i was 13 weighing 300 pounds and that's when the bullying really kicked in. I thought about killing my self so many times and at once i tried. My mom feeling that it his her fault i am over weight for the longest time i hated seeing her said and she hated seeing me sad. So she came to me one day and told me about a surgery that i could get. We then went to kaiser permanente to try to get the gastric bypass surgery. Years went by jumping through hoops for kaiser. Weighing at 430 i was told if i lost 20 more pounds i would get the surgery i did that then was told yet again i have to lose 20 more. I was so upset i had a doctor call me that day that said she tried to help me but she could not. She left her job that very day. I got another call from the MAIN guy and was told i will not get the surgery no matter how much weight i lose. Filled with anger and sadness i was at the end of tunnel yet again with no light at the end. Well it gets better :). Now i weigh 454. i have gone through a different hospital in Washington with a surgery date set and i leave next week for the surgery. i have been through a lot of crap and im sure any body that is over weight know how mean people are. Just dont give up set your mind to it, tell your self i have to lose weight or i could die and there is so much to live for. and yes it is going to be hard but to bad.


also for any body that is planning to get the surgery know that it is a tool for you it is not going to do it all for you. You need to use the tool the right way then you will have that nice slim body you want. Good Luck to all of the overweight people out there.

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