I`m 12 years old, and I`m according to bmi calculators in the lighter obese area. The thing is, I used to have an eating disorder that I stopped several months ago (didn`t eat 2 meals a day). Naturally I`m very active and all doctors are shocked when they hear that I weigh 65 kg, 143 lbs. My doctors and people at school are always like under 130 around 120-123 when they guess my weight. I`m 5'2 edging towards 5`3, supposedly I`m 158-159 but my mom who is 162 is not a very noticing difference from me so I`m guessing 159. People however do make fun of me, joking around saying i weight 100kg, and they have no idea how i can be a champion swimmer. I`m not flat though, I have a bit of baby fat on my stomach but a lot of it has disappeared. I`ve gained nothing since June though. My hips and chest are rather noticeable though. I`m very muscular too, if you see my arms it`s surprising that nearly none of it is fat. Proof, I didn`t swim for 3 weeks straight, my arms became tiny. TINY. Like it was the size of my wrist. My wrist is quite big though. Doctors say the only REAL reason I have to loose weight is because of my thigh. I broke my thigh when I was 9, I lost 10kg in the Hospital. Either way, so since my thigh is crooked, if I put to much pressure on it, it can affect my future. However I don`t have high blood pressure it`s actually on the lower side. So well there you have it, that`s my story.

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