my name is cristian . i live in hanford, california. i weigh 215lbs and my height 5'3''.47 inch waist and my shirts are xl size. i always try to loose weight but its hard...its stressful to loose, so i just eat more. im the fattest guy in my class. every day when i go to school i worry about bieng teased about my size, i fell like im the heaviest guy at school(even though im probably not). u would think for some one my size i would be un popular, but im a popular, i have "swagg", ive got the right clothes, and im just a good friend, but really i have to make fun of my ownweight as jokes to be the funny one of the group, i act like idc, but i do. my weight goal is 110 lbs, thats basically have my body weight

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