Hey everyone, My name is Lisa. I've always been over weighted, since elementary through High School. I feel like such a worthless person, doesn't deserve to live in this world. I've always been scared of going to school because i would feared that people would bullied me. When going to school I would get names called like "Fatty, Ugly, Hideous ". I've nevered forget about the names that I was called. I always go to school with my head down. When I have P.E class. I tried my best to not stay behind running. Everyday, I stay home and don't want to go anywhere because I was too embarrassed to show myself in public, i always get comments like I was too lazy and doesn't want to go out anywhere. I hate being called fat. For me, i felt like i have no friends, the people who are being nice to me, I feel like they only pity me. All the stress, i tried not to hold it inside. I couldn't express my feelings to anyone because i had no friends and my family member wouldn't understand me. So, the only would that i think would listen to me was God. After speaking with him, It would make me feel much better about myself. The only way i would live through life was speaking to god. i speaked to him because i knew that he will never called me Fat and I felt like he was always there when i need him. As I grew up I learned to treat people the way I want to be treated and even if I am overweight, I'm actually Happy of who i am. Even if i'm not even close to being called pretty, atleast I was once existed to my family. Now an days i would still be called fat, but it wouldn't offend me that much now because i've heard worser than just a word fat.

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