I am a 11 year old girl from Minnesota. I started gaining weight at about the age of 7, and ever since I have been bullied more than enough times about my weight! When i was 9/10 I was on Slimgenics... It did NOT work! I hate the feeling of when I am at school being bullied, and have to wait to get home to cry! I am tierd of this... At now 11 I went to United Hospital in St.Paul Minnesota and started talking to a doctor about how I can actually lose the weight , while not just eating like 200 calories a day. I am now working on portions and 0 calorie drinks. I will be going back to the U of M program to check in and see how thing are going. I learned at my first appointment that if you have a 9 inch plate you can make a perfect meal. So 1/2 of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. The 1/4 is protein and the other 1/4 is starch
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