hey! we're the Adkins sisters:
and we have had a really hard time.
Jordan's Part_1:
I was born on July 7th 1996 to our biological parents Aria and Zayn. they were only 17 and couldn't really support me, but they kept me. one day, they completely ran out of money and since my mom was a drinker, and my dad smoked, no people would help us out. i was about three. i would cry of my hunger, and i starved for about a month. finally, my mom's best friend Hannah (my hero-you'll see why) came along and took me to her house, telling my parents to get jobs and then she'd give me back. I had a great two years with Hannah, we would go to the park and eat ice cream and i actually never missed my parents.
then my parents called to say they were fine again, and Hannah and me hugged and kissed and cried, and then I went home, and there, in my mom's arms, was a new baby. i was so mad, that i threw a fit and actually threw a metal spoon at the baby (Haley) and she still has a scar on her nose. the end of my part.
Haley's Part_2:
I do still have a scar! Anyway, my parents survived on the little money they had, and we often went to bed hungry and cold because they couldn't pay the heat bill or any other pretty much. Later that year, Emily came along. she was unhappy and kept us up all night with her horrible crying. hannah came to see us one day, and saw how skinny we were. she took us to the doctor's office, and it turned out that we were so underweight that they arrested our parents.
jordan-age 5-16lbs
haley-age 2-11lbs
emily-age 7 months-5lbs
Emily's Part_3:
I was three when Bridget came along. We were being taken care of by Hannah and her boyfriend, Louis, again. Bridget was born, then sent right along to Hannah. menawhile, by the time bridget was 1 years old, our parents were out of jail and we went back to them. then, hannah and louis were killed BOTH in a car crash. i was sad. it was just like before, we were starving and cold and bored and hungry and unhappy. in the next year, we were the most underwieght we'd ever been.
jordan-age 9-32lbs
haley-age 6-23lbs
emily-age 4-30lbs
bridget-age 1-13lbs
Briget's Part_4:
We were suffering. When I finally turned two, Andriella was born. we were even more underweight. we moved in with a foster family, and they supported us greatly. we were stuffed with food and desserts 'til we couldn't even feel our tongues. but Emily's weight was sky-rocketing, hugely.
jordan- age 10-87lbs
Haley-age 7-69lbs
Emily-age 5-98lbs
Bridget-age 2-26lbs
Andriella-4 months-18lbs
That's what we really need help with. Emily doesn't know we're saying this end bit, but she's ten and morbidly obese. She's 151lbs, and still eating like a million people. She stuffs herself until she can't feel her tongue and then lets out huge burps, even in public. you know how you are suposed to eat only 1,000 calories a day? well she's up to about 7,000. she doesn't even fit in kids anymore, she's in junior's large.
she asked our adoptive parents to buy her a swimsuit from target, so we went with her. and we looked in the junior's department, picked out a tankini she liked, and went to the junior's dressing room.
she took off her pants and stripped to her underwear (she doesn't wear a bra, even though she's been measured for a D cup, she's convinced not to wear one because the other kids in 5th grade don't wear bras) and put on the bottom. it was tight around that area but she liked it a lot. then she squeezed out of her shirt and took the top half, then put it over her head. she squeezed it down over her big breasts and then tried to pull down the tight cloth over her stomach, but ti wouldn't fit. i told her to suck in her stomach, and she tried but it didn't work. she started crying and then told my mom to go get a bikini top. she got her one and emily placed her breasts in them, and then went outside to show mom. we followed her out, and a stranger said " oh, that top looks to ugly on your breasters, mam." she started crying, and ripped off the bikini top in public, with people staring, then fell down on the floor, throwing a tantrum. then we went to six flags the other day, and the ride wouldn't fit her belly in the seatbelt. pleez help!

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