So I am 17 years old and live in a tiny town out in the middle of nowhere! I used to weigh 180 pounds and my sophomore year I starved myself (literally) and I ended up weighing 148 pounds. I went to Florida and came back weighing 156 pounds :( Now my weight just varies from 148-154. I am 5'7" and the doctors say I am supposed to weigh 128 pounds. I just cant seem to get back on track! I go to the gym literally everyday and I might have a lot of muscle I know I can lose weight. I don't know how to stop eating junk food it is just so addicting.. I try keeping myself busy but food is constantly on my brain for some reason! I work at McDonalds so that doesn't help either AT ALL. I need help doing this..Everyone in my family is sooo skinny and so are all my friends so I am all by myself here in this struggle.. I am thinking about trying Medifast because I just do not know what else to do. It is my goal to weigh 128 in August for my Senior year of highschool. It has always been my dream to be beautiful and I want to show all of the kids who have been mean to me because of my weight that I AM BEAUTIFUL and that I can be skinny! I am meant to be skinny I know I am..even if I have to isolate myself the rest of summer and just go to the gym and live off of Medifast I think I will..Being fat SUCKS.

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