i used to take pity on myself, because I wasn't as nice and skinny as the other kids, but then I learned not to.
The girl I so jealous of, the popular and skinny and pretty girl with bouncy blonde curls, aka Samantha Lawrence, was always telling everyone that she was sooooooo cool and skinny and saying that i was fat.
I was jealous because when I was nine years old, she could fit in the kids clothing where all the hello kitty stuff was and i was nearly in juniors where i am now.
then, when we were in eighth grade, our whole grade went on a field trip to the beach. uh oh! i had to wear my pathetic all black one-piece. and samantha and ALL the other girls were all wearing bikinis. as soon as i dropped my towel, everyone stared at me.
i automatically put it back on and ran inside.
that night, i weighed myself in the bathroom. i was 215. i cried myself to sleep that night. i was only 13!
the next day, samantha wasn't at school. i asked her friends why. they said that she got in a car crash on her way home! they all burst into tears. i was sad, but not too much.
now, i'm 15 and still overweight, but i love my self cuz samantha got karma!

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