Hi my name is Taylor I am 16. I weigh at 171. I used to weight about 178 then I was determined to lose it all! i was so tired of thinking how much i hate my body and how ugly i am. so i then started working out everyday after school. i ran about a mile or 2. and i finally got my weight down to 155. then i just got out of routine when summer came and just stopped. and i gained almost all of my weight back. i am back to being my old self with low self-esteem and confidence. and im tired of looking like this and feeling like "the fat girl" of all my friends. and how i feel that no boys will ever like me because they will hate the way i look as much as i do. and i hate summer so much because all i wanna do is hide underneath my jeans and sweatshirts. while people are out in there bikinis having a good time. my brother is getting married in march 2012 and since i have to get a new dress and everything i wanted to lose more weight. but so far i havent been motivated enough. so i have decided that i am determined to lose this weight and eventually become 130 before this year is over. if anyone wants a weight loss buddy please email me at sweetescape11@hotmail.com. i hope to here from someone because i could use a good motivater :).1-23-12

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