You know I want to be thin as much as the next girl.
I want to shop at all those popular shops
And actually WEAR the things I buy from them.
I want to have fun shopping instead of hiding behind
Manequins near tears. I have lost around seven pounds
On weight watchers Since I last weighed myself ( a lil over a week ago)But christmas was two days ago and Its as if
I've thrown in the towel completely. Sometimes I feel
Its unfair that I have to work so hard at something
Other girls are born with. It frustrates me a lot. But trust
Me, I have plenty of motivators. My sister is skinny as hell
And she's always insulting me. I've saved giftcards to almost
Every store in the mall from the holidays to spend when I reach
My goal. But I'm stuck at a standstill like the last ten
Times I went on weight watchers. I really have to get
My crap together. Or ill stay a wallflower forever.

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