lm 15 lm 5'6 and lm 224 pounds,l have been trying to lose weight since l was like 12 because l had very low self estime and l have always wanted to fit in but l never maneged to lose weigh, so l didnt fit in.l have triyed so many diets when l was 14 l mananed to loose 7 pounds but l put it all back on when it was near christmas,and next year l have really good events in school and l want to look nice and good l want to turn a few heards .this time lm determaned more than ever and lm going to stick to it. but when l ost 7 pounds l became a bit more confident but now l feel my confidents is going again and l dont want to be depresed again l just want to be happy normal teen.so please if you help email me at tasha342@live.co.uk.

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