Hey, so this is my story
I wasen't always fat or overweight. 3 years ago, I was 10 years old, fit, active and healthy. Junk food and seconds had no part in my care free life style. Then, my world fell apart.

My dad went to jail on charges of domestic violence, my brothers got into drugs and alcohol, my baby sister and brother passed away, I was raped and we were evicted from our home.
I went from 5'3, 107 pounds to 5'4, 170 pounds! I gained 63 over a span of 3 years! All my friends moved away and I was left being the homeschooled lonely kid. I went to school when I was 11. Everyone made fun of me and laughed and called me fatty or pig. I didn't listen to anyone and continued to binge eat before school, during school and after school. I finally meet some friends. They were all pretty cool and I didn't feel alone anymore. But my weight sky rocketed to 175. I was considered obese. I made it on the honor roll and people laughed and threw stuff at me when I was on stage.

After school, I lost contact with my new friends and was lonely once again. Even worse, my sister became anorexic and lost 60 lbs over 2 months. She would make fun of me and laugh whenever I tried to talk to someone. I attempted suicide once and then my mom figured out what was going on. She was disappointed I didn't talk to her about it :(. She toke me to the doctor and I was weighed. 178.5 pounds! My highest ever. The doctor explained to me that I wasn't alone. She introduced me to a girl who was 256 pounds at 5'3. We became friends. My life stared to change for the better. I lost 8.5 pounds within 2 months and then started my actual weight loss plan.

Today 12/20/11 I am 155 pounds. I am aiming for 112 by May 2012. My dad has gone through rehab and my brothers have moved out on their own. We are now a big happy stable family. I can tell my mom anything now and she'll understand. I am currently homeschooled and am going back to school August 15th. I wish I had some pics to put up, but my camera is broke :(. I am dieting and losing 2 lbs per week by walking and counting calories. I have made more friends and am really social and outgoing now.

This is very possible! Don't ever give up! We can make a healthy stand against being overweight/obese.
Take it 5lbs at a time.

Thank you for reading :)
Maddie H.

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