Hi everyone.
My name is Maddie. When I was 10 years old, my brother passed away. I was 110 pounds, 5'5. When I was 11, my sister passed away, I was 130, 5'5. Ever since I was 11, I struggled with my weight. Right now I weigh 160 pounds! I can't stand being overweight any longer!

I started dieting a month a go and lost 10 pounds but now I want to lose at least 45 pounds by May 2012.

I am currently 13 (homeschooled) and I am going back to school in August, 2012. I want to show all my friends and family that I can beat these viscous cycles and lose the weight I need to lose.
I am exercising lightly for the next week, and then hitting it hard on 12-1-11. My plan consists on walking and weight lifting. I wish I had pics but my camera is broke :(.

By then end of 2011, I wish to be 150 pounds. Then I'll have a huge reason to celebrate.

If you wanna be weight loss buddies, I'm looking for anyone 12-16. Thanks so much!

-Maddie, 13 5'5 160lbs

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