Hi! My Name Is Autumn (Auto)
I have always been overweight my whole life i still am.
I was a very outside, sporty person, I played Soccer, Basketball, For Fun softball, And i swam. I Loved swimming it was the best thing in the world to me. I was swimming back to back season after season and i wanted to take a season off so i did in that time i gained just a few pounds and my depression got worse were over-dosing was involved more then once. I didnt want to go back right then so i waited another season, gain more weight was even more depressed. Time was going by and I had lost every friend i had at the time, gained almost a 100 pounds, and never left my house, I was still enrolled to school at that time but never went because i couldnt take all the bullying going on. I was a very Troubled kid, with the law and at home/school. So the courts ordered me to be locked up til i can get myself back in school i was only there for a week, then was suppose to go back to school but still refused. So my counselor got me to in homebound i did pretty good in that if it wasnt for that i wouldnt have passed my 8th grade year. 9th grade came along and i still couldnt force myself to go back, By then i was working out everyday going to the gym for 2 hours every morning i could, and the pounds were coming off fast but i still would have my troubles with losing it after so long, i pushed myself really far, only ate some many calories a day just so i could make myself lose it faster and get back in school and swimming. My starting weight was 232! At the end of 9th grade year i was at 170 something and still was losing to get back. Started to talk to more "friends" was outside a lot, was starting to do more things, thorugh out the summer lost about 10 more pounds and started to lift weights, Now i am finally Back in school for my 10th grade year and in swimming soon to be joining soccer and softball. :D But i still live with it everyday even though im not at 157 i still get those rude comments. I am still working on losing 20 more pounds! :D
Thank you for reading

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