My name is Mary and I am 17 years old.
I have tried soooo many things to be thin.. even resorted to making myself throw up after I ate because i felt so guilty after eating. I felt like a pig. Well, about two years ago.. I went on a extreme diet, and exercise plan. I worked out for about 6hours a day, and ate basically almost nothing. I would eat one salad at night and drink tons and tons of water. Some days I went without eating at all. Well in two months.. I lost almost 70lbs and went down to 200lbs.
Then a bunch of crap happened in my life and I stopped exercising and eating a lot again. After that, I gained all the weight back again :(
Now.. I am going to try again. I am currently 5'9" and 250lbs. My goal weight is 170lbs by Jan. of 2012.
I have read sooo many stories here. some really really sad. I know how everyone feels when you look at yourself and the mirror and you hate yourself. You think you are ugly and that no one will like.. and BELIEVE ME school is like one of the worst places to go when you are overweight.

All the other kids look at you, and make fun of you. They talk behind your back and even say things to your face. Ive been there, and I have been through it all.
All I can say is.. dont not let it bother you. I know you have heard that before and you are like.. wtf.. how can I do that? its not that easy!
I know its not easy.. and I hated people who told me to ignore the people who called me names.. but I started to listen.. ane even though I am overweight.. fat.. obese.. whatever you want to call it.. I opened up and I have tons of friends now. REAL friends! not fake ones.
Some people still make fun of me, but I dont care.

THe reason I am losing weight is to be more healthy. and lets face.. I wanna look good too ;)

My advice.. dont start it and not stick to it. Make small goals instead of large one. If you make a large goal and except to lose a ton of weight like the first month.. you will feel like a loseer if you dont get it done.
If you make baby steps.. like a few pounds here and there.. you will feel like you can do this and you will feel accomplished!
If anyone wants a weight loss buddy.. or advice or support.. email me :)

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