my name is barbara i weigh 166 and my height is 5'1 . the thing is , ive not allways been fat wen i was little i was a normal heathy girl i rode my bike alot and walked alot . i was even in pagants. well anyways, i was in my first pagant ever i was so nervis cuz there were over 1000 people ( no lie it was a miss. railroad pagant that is why there were so many people) anyways, i was supposed to walk down the isle at the end i screwed up horribly cuz i just stood there like an idiot and frooze afterword ( other gurl one supreme title) the judges told me and my mom that i was going to win the title ( cash prize of 2000) i thought i didnt win because i was not pretty enough and just gave up aroud the age of 7 i became obese i do not remember how much my weight was i just remember it was to much for my height and age aroud the age of 9 my weight was 154 then my uncle aand dad past away in the same month i did not turn to drugs. insted i turned to food . i want somebody who is around my age and weight to b able to come over any ideas my email is snickersroxlol@gmail.com

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